The Company

70 years of unerring performance, customer satisfaction and research

Founded in 1948 in booming North-East Italy, Wladoil started in Vicenza as Solda Vladimiro SpA, after the name of its owner. A forerunner in the chemical sector since its very inception, the company soon gained a reputation for its flexibility and speed of response to the needs of an economy that was progressively becoming faster and more demanding.

Relocated in the new headquarters of Creazzo (VI) since 1991, with the technical support of a state-of-the-art laboratory and with the experience of active collaborators, Soldà V. SpA has extended its range of action both in terms of territory and quality supply. In this regard, Soldà V. SpA has been ISO 9001 certified since 2000. In the industrial lubricants field, our company’s signature division, new areas of expertise have been added, with specific features in the lubrication of motorcycles and in the construction sector with the production of separating agents. In the racing arena, Soldà V. SpA with its WLADOIL brand has made its own name in the production and marketing of gasoline and special additives, and for many years has been supplying these very gasoline directly to professional stables and racers as a unique partner of the Italian Rally Championship. Today Wladoil is a reference point for important local and international production sectors such as textile manufacturing, tanneries, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as the mechanical and engineering ones. After going through thorough and ample tests, our products leave our laboratories readily suitable for any application that the industrial market may require. Careful research is constantly carried out by our qualified and tireless staff: our products are subject to more than 1000 analysis and checks which employ cutting edge, modern instrumentation and technology.

Certificato NSF
ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

To fully satisfy the needs of our clients is at the heart of our innovation and the driving force of our excellence. It is with this attitude that every day our technicians work alongside the most important companies in the metalworking sector by providing latest-generation cooling lubricants, indispensable to optimize the production cycle and save the client unnecessary waste of time and resources, while also improving the overall quality of the production. At Wladoil we strive to manufacture exceptionally performing products for all your requirements and needs, a high level of service we achieve through rigorous production protocols. We are currently projected towards the future with the creation of specific products for low environmental impact lubrication/cooling. A new challenge to face, new results to be achieved, the continuous search for the best quality: WLADOIL’s own forte. We will of course remain true to our story and values but we will also steadily focus on innovation. We aim at improving our already excellent customer service, and we will embrace our vocation to reach an ever expanding and evolving global market. WLADOIL, expect more. Expect better.