Gearbox & Differential Gears
13 June 2017
Additives & Spray
16 June 2017

Special Fluids

Sint Gear 2T SAE 5W-40 (75W-90)

Synthetic lubricant for gearbox - clutch groups.

Special Gear Box SAE 10W-40 (80W-90)

Lubricant for gearbox - clutch groups.

Moto Ep Sae 80W-90

Gearboxes for motorcycles.

Motocoolant Vs-40

Liquid cooling circuits.

Amort Oil Rs1 Nf

100% synthetic lubricants for shock absorbers.

Racing Air Filter Oil

Product for sponge air filters.

SINT GEAR 2T SAE 5W-40 (75W-90)

The Wladoil SINT GEAR 2T is a lubricant particularly suitable for use in competitions, especially in Enduro, Cross and Speed races.

It ensures effective protection in the most severe and critical conditions of temperature and mechanical stress.

The Wladoil SINT GEAR 2T is a 100% synthetic lubricant designed for use in the gearbox-clutch groups of 2-stroke racing bikes.

It is formulated with synthetic bases of very high stability and specific additives that give the product the following characteristics:

  • exceptional antioxidant, anti-wear and therefore long-lasting properties
  • very high viscosity index
  • low pour point
  • excellent EP properties
  • resistance to foam formation



The Wladoil SPECIAL GEAR BOX is a lubricant suitable for every type of clutch-gearbox for 2-stroke motorcycles of each displacement.

The Wladoil SPECIAL GEAR BOX guarantees optimal use of the clutch. It guarantees an easy shifting of the gears reducing the mechanical effort to the gears.

Its formulation confers to the product:

  • high antioxidant properties, therefore long duration
  • high viscosity index
  • low pour point
  • very high EP properties
  • resistance to foam formation



The Wladoil MOTO EP is a lubricant for gearboxes with normal and / or hypoid gears for which an oil with high extreme pressure characteristics is prescribed.

The Wladoil MOTO EP is suitable for the lubrication of the gearboxes and, in general, of the joints for which an oil is prescribed with characteristics that comply with the API GL 5 specification.

The Wladoil MOTO EP contains a special complex of additives which gives it:

  • high antioxidant properties, therefore long duration
  • high viscosity index
  • low pour point
  • very high EP properties
  • resistance to foam formation



The Wladoil MOTOCOOLANT VS -40 is a ready-to-use antifreeze fluid based on inhibited monoethylene glycol with a special formula free of amines and nitrite.

It is part of the permanent anti-freeze range, and is particularly distinguished by its antioxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-aging characteristics which are essential to ensure long life to the cooling circuits.

The protective properties of the Wladoil MOTOCOOLANT VS -40 are applied to all the metals that make up the various parts of a cooling circuit, particularly towards aluminum, a metal that is increasingly used in the construction of engines and its accessories.

The product is ready for use and can be used for the cooling circuits of motorcycles and scooters of all types and cubic capacity.



The Wladoil AMORT OIL RS1 NF is a totally synthetic lubricant for shock absorbers indicated for every type of use, especially in the racing sector: Enduro, Cross, Road, Trial, Track.

It is formulated with totally synthetic bases and additives compatible with all types of gaskets.

The very high viscosity index guarantees an always optimal use in a wide temperature range without losing the rheological characteristics necessary for the correct operation of the suspension elements, a particularly important feature for the oil from shock absorbers given the high temperatures reached during the exercise.

The addition of special friction modifiers guarantees protection against the locking of the mobile parts of the shock absorbers.

A slightly more fluid version is also available, the WLADOIL AMORT OIL RS 2.



The Wladoil Racing Air Filter Oil is a special product for the treatment of sponge air filters used in motorcycles.


The Wladoil Racing Air Filter Oil consists of a volatile part (solvent) and an active part.

The CLEAN filter must be soaked in the Wladoil Racing Air Filter Oil to allow perfect penetration into all pores, then it must be squeezed to eliminate excess product.

The filter thus treated should be left to dry for 20 to 30 minutes to evaporate the solvent.

When the treatment is finished, the filter becomes bluish and becomes sticky to the touch.

After use, the filter can be washed and regenerated with common solvents or with petrol. Wladoil Racing Air Filter Oil is formulated with high purity products, dissolved in non-aggressive solvent for rubbers and plastics.

Adhesive additives retain their technical characteristics for a long time. It gives the filters high impermeability to dust and mud, so as to ensure excellent protection even in very severe conditions.

The particular blue color allows to verify the perfect impregnation of the filter for a correct use.

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