Gearbox and Differentials
16 June 2017
Special Fluids
16 June 2017

Special Fuels

-Wladogas Booster T4

Special product for racing engines.

- Wladogas Booster 110

Special product for engines that require high octane number without Pb.

- Wladogas BB / 1

102RON petrol specific for high-revved engines.

- Wladogas V 98 B

Petrol for multivalve aspirated engines without Pb.

- Wladogas PC 137 / M omologato CSAI

101RON petrol for turbo and aspirated multivalve engines without Pb.

- Wladogas V 3 Plus 102 omologato CSAI

Multifunctional 102RON petrol for aspirated and turbo engines, without Pb.

- Wladogas Pr / 2

102RON petrol specific for high-speed aspirated engines.

-Wladogas Booster Etm 6

Special product for turbo engines.

- Wladogas Cross 2000

Multifunctional petrol for 2T engines.

- Wladogas SBK 2004

102RON Fuel for 4T moto.

- Wladogas A/1

Oxygenating additive for naturally aspirated engines - 15-30% use.

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