16 June 2017
Gearbox and Differentials
16 June 2017

Special Fuels

Wladogas Booster T4

Special product for racing engines.

Wladogas Booster 110

Special product for engines that require high octane number without Pb.

Wladogas BB / 1

102RON petrol specific for high-revved engines.

Wladogas V 98 B

Petrol for multivalve aspirated engines without Pb.

Wladogas PC 137 / M omologato CSAI

101RON petrol for turbo and aspirated multivalve engines without Pb.

Wladogas V 3 Plus 102 omologato CSAI

Multifunctional 102RON petrol for aspirated and turbo engines, without Pb.

Wladogas Pr / 2

102RON petrol specific for high-speed aspirated engines.

Wladogas Booster Etm 6

Special product for turbo engines.

Wladogas Cross 2000

Multifunctional petrol for 2T engines.

Wladogas SBK 2004

102RON Fuel for 4T moto.

Wladogas A/1

Oxygenating additive for naturally aspirated engines - 15-30% use.
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